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Artisphere has transitioned from the current "resident company" model to an "in residence" model.  This transition is a part of an ongoing process that includes evaluating all existing relationships, the use of our spaces and how each contributes to and affects the future operations of Artisphere. This particular change is in line with Artisphere’s continued efforts to adjust our model to meet operating costs. In fact, as reported in our FY12 report, Artisphere spent $58,125 presenting Arlington County supported arts organizations, most notably WSC, and generated $7,000 in return. With this transition, we look forward to welcoming WSC back into the mix moving forward in a way that allows Artisphere, as part of Arlington Cultural Affairs (ACA), to be good stewards of Arlington County tax dollars and continue to present a wide array of exciting arts programming. 
In fact, ACA has worked to adjust the Theatre on the Run schedule in order to secure it as an alternate venue for WSC’s spring program. In turn, WSC adjusted the number and timing of their productions. Artisphere is committed to being a stage for a varied and diverse range of arts organizations.This transition provides Artisphere the ability to connect its audiences to a wider range of arts groups, book shorter runs and allows for flexible use of its spaces. Artisphere remains committed to working with WSC Avant Bard and looks forward to welcoming other arts groups into the programming mix moving forward.


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