Visual Arts

Mantra Samplers: Maribeth Egan

Tue Aug 9-Sat Sep 24
Mezz Gallery

Closing party: Friday, September 23, 7-9pm
This exhibition features a series of mixed-media digitally altered ink jet prints with overheard “mantra-like” phrases hand-stitched into the paper.  The exhibition is a study in limitations, as only overheard dialogue and fragmentary imagery is used in each piece.  On another level, the archaic act of hand stitching these overheard phrases into the modern digital photos is a way of responding, in a tongue in cheek fashion, to the tension of one age turning into another.
The video, luck (see below), a collaboration with Rob Parrish and John Howard will show continuously.

Artist Spotlight: Maribeth Egan

What inspires you as an artist?
I enjoy studying and rendering the details overlooked in everyday and extraordinary objects, as well as the vagaries of human motivations.  But, in the end, I enjoy the process of art-making; I like to make things.  I like how an idea begins, rolls out, transforms, succeeds or fails.  The tactile qualities and properties of various materials coming together to express those ideas are quite satisfying.

If you could own any piece of art what would it be?
Marcel Duchamp's, "Boîte-en-valise."  A little art show in a box with such an attitude!

What's your favorite art publications/websites/blogs?
I like Art Forum and Film Comment, after you read them, they make great collage fodder. Perhaps this isn’t fair, since I could see all the material on my favorite website up in my studio . . . . but, the fact is (my husband Rob’s web project) is my favorite site.  Rob uses public domain films to construct poetic, weird, and funny/sad videos.  He’s doing one video a week for a year.  I often get to be the “is this one too weird” canary in a coal mine.  He hasn’t crossed my too weird line yet . . . but I married him so I’m probably the wrong person to be the canary.  

I also love -
Three Frames (a lot can happen in 3 frames) 
Crappy Taxidermy (the name says it all)
Boing Boing (goes without saying I suppose)
TAIT (You can learn how to tie a swell knot)
and of course, since every human already does create art everyday they should participate in Artishpere’s own Art Every Day project by Linda Hesh

What book are you reading?
Just finished Kurt Schwitter's Lucky Hans and other Merz Fairy Tales... just lovely. Just started Baudelaire's Paris Spleen. suggested by a friend.  Written in 1869, but I’m finding many parallels to today's anxieties about a changing world. Beach reading this summer was St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell. And of course, vintage Nancy Drew with my daughter, because that stuff is messed up, but fun to deconstruct from a feminist point of view with an eight year old.



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