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A Washington, DC International Design Festival Free Public Program

Online via Apartment Zero’s Flickr Photostream

Prizes: 1st prize: $500; 2nd prize: $250; 3rd prize: $150
Judges: Dror Benshetrit, industrial designer (NY); Alain Gilles: industrial designer Belgium and designer of the year 2012; Tiffany Jow, design journalist (NY); Defne Koz, industrial designer (Chicago); Ron Labaco, curator from the Museum of Arts and Design (NY)

To coincide with The Next Wave exhibition and using the iconic piece “Juxtaposed” by Mike and Maaike as inspiration (on view in the exhibit and posted in Apartment Zeros’s Flickr photostream), contest participants are invited to photograph two seemingly disparate yet relatable industrial design objects. The photograph should blend the objects in a way that conveys wit, symbolism and/or deeper meaning. Participants should upload their photos onto Apartment Zero’s Flickr photostream and are eligible to win prizes announced online at the end of the exhibition. Winners will be announced early June.
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