September 15 - October 2
Dome Theatre

Compelling, gut-wrenching, and surprisingly funny.” - New York Magazine
Four stars...remarkable physicality and offbeat humor make the show as endearing as it is cathartic” - Time Out New York 
Extraordinary...every scene is a knockout.”- Back Stage

The Lithuanian Trilogy is a physical theater tour-de force reminiscent of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin as Paul Rajeckas depicts one Lithuanian-American son’s journey of imagination back to the old world. How are the memories and consequences of past events passed on to future generations?  How does “old country” bigotry manifest itself in the “New World,” America? The son's interest in his family tree becomes a quest to unearth family secrets buried in the past.

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Individual tickets are $25; three-play packages are available for $60. All three plays stand alone as individual works.
Friday Night Series
Saturday Night Series
Sunday Matinee Series

By Paul Rajeckas and George Chieffet
Fri Sep 16 @ 8 pm/Sat Sep 17 @8 pm/Sun Sep 18 @ 3 pm
Underscored with dark humor and clownish pathos, Mr. Rajeckas tells the story of a Lithuanian-American boy, a classic outsider and hapless scapegoat who sojourns back to his homeland seeking his familial roots and stumbles upon an evil secret buried in the past.

Written and directed by George Chieffet
Music by Paul Rajeckas
Fri Sep 23 @ 8 pm/Sat Sep 24 @8 pm/Sun Sep 25 @ 3 pm
This oddly touching and zany musical characterizes the delusional world that engulfs a father and sons as they confront the horrors of their wife/mother’s cancer.

Written by George Chieffet
Directed by Paul Rajeckas

Fri Sep 30 @ 8 pm/Sat Oct  1 @8 pm/Sun Oct 2 @ 3 pm
This expressionistic play performed with three actors tells the story of the young father and his brother, a Lithuanian SS volunteer, who join forces with a farmer’s daughter in the odyssey for survival. Lithuanian Sweetheart debunks the traditional notions of heroism, manhood, and love by presenting the story of a brave woman who moves the world by sacrificing all.

Individual tickets available for $25 each; purchase a package to see all three parts of the Lithuanian Trilogy for $60. Please note that each plays stands on its own and it is not necessary to see them all in order to enjoy or understand the storyline.

Notes to the Motherland art by Stephen DeStefano and Beth Russo








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