Justin Trawick CD-Release Show and Andy Zipf with special guest Amanda Lee

Words and Music Singer/Songwriter Series

Fri Dec 16 / 7:30pm
Dome Theatre

Urban folk artist Justin Trawick celebrates the release of his album You & I. Trawick is joined by pop-rock musician Andy Zipf along with opening act, acoustic pop artist Amanda Lee.

About Justin Trawick
Justin Trawick is a multi-talented performer, balancing between roles as a soloist and band frontman while on the side running the nationally touring songwriter series “The 9.” His self-described brand of “Urban Folk Rock” inspires comparisons with troubadours such as Bob Schneider, Ryan Adams and G. Love. The 29 year old from Arlington, Virginia invokes on stage a deep sense of raw emotional energy stemming from his incredibly personable lyrics and captivating delivery. Seamlessly balancing between the musical loner persona of a singer-songwriter and as the front man of his collective, The Justin Trawick Group, this versatility allows Trawick to rock out in clubs with his band to performances in intimate acoustic venues with just his guitar and his voice. His upcoming album You & I is a stripped down record that showcases the raw emotional strength of Trawick’s songwriting and live performance. Featuring ten songs performed in front of a small ten person audience,You & I was recorded live at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA using a three microphone configuration known as a “Decca Tree”, as used by Decca Records in the 1950’s. The album was produced by Jim Ebert (Meredith Brooks, Butch Walker, Cowboy Mouth) who also produced Trawick’s previous EP After All Is Said and Done and features Trawick on acoustic guitar while being accompanied by Josh Himmelsbach on mandolin, piano, and backing vocals. In addition, DC rapper Flex Mathews makes a guest appearance freestyling on “Brick by Brick” and “Back of My Mind”, truly bringing out the hip hop side of Trawick’s “Urban Folk Rock” style. As a whole, You & I bridges the gap between timeless Americana, old school bluegrass, introspective love lost ballads, and funky hip hop wordplay a la G. Love and Jason Mraz.

About Andy Zipf
Andy Zipf (pronounced ZIFF) has stretched well beyond feverous guitar playing and dug deeper into his coined intimate falsetto voice on his third full length, Jealous Hands. Forgoing the usual process of trying to capture the delicate tight rope of his live show, producer Jeremy Griffith (Norma Jean, Guiltmaker) and Zipf whittled down the twenty songs culled for Jealous Hands to ten. With a full day devoted to each song, there was no guide other than letting the muse carry each song for the day, often times surprising the two. The end result is the most soft-spoken release of the performing singer/songwriter's career; an Americana record true and pure that stands free of the genre connotations that such a word brings. This is over a year of Zipf's life captured, from the non-stop life on the road to what ends up coming home, Jealous Hands is his story and his soundtrack. With well over 400 shows played in a little over four years Zipf has held close to a play anywhere for anyone mentality performing at coffee shops, house shows, and the standard venues. Zipf chose out of necessity to go out into the no man’s land of touring alone. He held no desire to move to a city cluttered with agents and label relations out of hopes of getting the big record deal. For the D.C. artist, music is about the connection it brings and the bond it creates; and the only way to achieve that is to play for anyone at anyplace.

About Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a passionate singer/songwriter from the DC/Metropolitan area. She writes simple melodies, with introspective lyrics, and delivers them through an outpour of raw emotion. At the age of 15, the call for her to pursue music knocked hard on her heart. What began as a young girl dreaming of becoming a pop star, Amanda's journey has taken her far elsewhere. Over 10 years later, Amanda now plays the guitar and writes her own songs, sometimes incorporating instruments such as the kazoo, xylophone, and looper. At 26, she has more life experience and a truer vision of her journey with music. What may have began as a glorified idea of fame has now become a humble aching in her heart to tour city by city, coffee shop by coffee shop, sharing her music with people intimately and honestly. Her aim is to create music that spurs the emotions. She was the winner of KBN's singing competition in 2004, and most recently 2nd place winner of the 1st Kollaboration DC!

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