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JUL 7 / 8 PM
Dome Theatre

For years, filmmakers have been trying to capture the work of one of America's foremost horror masters: H.P. Lovecraft. The folks at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society have finally got it right, and Matson Films is pleased to release an exciting, fun and scary double-bill (150 minutes total) of new films

Ain’t it Cool News wrote, "I loved every moment the first Lovecraftian film done completely right." Film Threat says, "(Director) Branney nails them spirit of Lovecraft." And the Chicago Examiner wrote, "reviews cannot do it justice - it must be seen to be believed."

THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS (103 min) Lovecraft's thrilling adventure of supernatural horror bursts onto the screen in the style of the classic horror films of the 1930s. Professor Albert Wilmarth investigates legends of strange creatures in the remote hills of Vermont. His inquiry reveals a terrifying glimpse of the truth that lurks behind the legends.

THE CALL OF CTHULHU (47 min) A silent movie shot in Mythoscope, The Call of Cthulhu is HP Lovecraft's most famous storyThe film features the celebrated monster Cthulhu and follows an adventurous young man's crusade to unravel the cult of Cthulhu. The story embodies HPL's nihilistic world view, his cosmic perspective and belief that mankind is doomed by its own insignificance.

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